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We are thrilled that E&WHCC is at the heart of the village community and Friday nights are now legendary for combining cricket practice with the opportunity to relax and socialise with friends and the odd drink!

It really is wonderful to see so many children of all ages making the most of living in such a lovely area, developing their skills and wearing themselves out whilst running about in a fun, caring and beautiful environment. It means parents have the time to see their children thrive as they relax into the weekend.

Of course none of this would be possible without an enormous amount of work by many, many volunteers.  Some hold official roles, many are players and parents who give their time or expertise to ensure the club continues to thrive.  We are eternally grateful to everyone from the Officers, Coaches, Umpires to those who maintain the ground, manage the clubhouse, run the bar, serve coffees, cook the BBQ, plant the flowerbeds, bake cakes and the myriad of other roles which make the club function.

If you want to get involved on the playing or non-playing side, volunteer to help preparing the ground, umpire, score or you would prefer to just sit back, enjoy a drink and watch the game,  you will always be made to feel most welcome.

Click on the images below to find out more about Who's Who at EWHCC.

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