CLUB KIT - Seniors - Whites


Once again we are delighted the club's whites are being sponsored by Q Gardens.




We have changed supplier and are hopeful that with the introduction of a 3rd XI and the move to the Cherwell League that everyone in the club who plays for senior teams will take the opportunity to buy a new club shirt.  

We have chosen Gray Nicolls as our brand and CustomKit is the new supplier and have set up the club shop.


We placed a bulk order for shirts and through our sponsors and fundraising these shirts are currently available for £20 from Elizabeth.  We just have a couple of shirts left in stock - Long Sleeved Small ( x2), and Long Sleeved Large (x1).


For 2022 year people will order directly through the club shop and  the shirts will cost approx £35.







The club shop also shows the trousers, jumpers, caps etc so again this is just to give a flavour of the new kit.


I am assured the trousers aren't quite such a slim fit so if lockdown hasn't been kind there is always the alternative!

White short sleeve q gardens.png
White long sleeve q gardens.png
Q gardens.png
Gray Nicolls Jumper.png
Gray Nicolls Slip.png
Gray Nicolls Trousers 1.png
Gray Nicolls Trousers 2.png
Gray Nicolls cap.png