CLUB KIT - Seniors - Whites


Once again we are delighted the club's whites are being sponsored by Q Gardens.




We have changed supplier and are hopeful that with the introduction of a 3rd XI and the move to the Cherwell League that everyone in the club who plays for senior teams will take the opportunity to buy a new club shirt.  

We have chosen Gray Nicolls as our brand and CustomKit is the new supplier who are currently setting up our club shop.


A bulk order for white shirts has been placed and hopefully be here before the end of May, so in the meantime don't buy any new ones, just wear what you have!  











The club shop will also show the trousers, jumpers, caps etc so again this is just to give a flavour of the new kit.


I am assured the trousers aren't quite such a slim fit so if lockdown hasn't been kind there is always the alternative!

White short sleeve q gardens.png
White long sleeve q gardens.png
Q gardens.png
Gray Nicolls Jumper.png
Gray Nicolls Slip.png
Gray Nicolls Trousers 1.png
Gray Nicolls Trousers 2.png
Gray Nicolls cap.png