Liam Richards

Lead Coach

Liam joined E&WHCC in 2017 and quickly took on a very proactive role, initially as Captain of the 2nd XI, and in 2020 was also elected to the role of Chair.  Liam was instrumental in the success of the All Stars programme in 2019 such that the club will be running both All Stars (5-8 years) and Dynamos (8-11 years) programmes this year.  Recognising the need to nurture and develop the youth teams, Liam has introduced some of the U13 &U15 players to senior cricket.  Not only do the juniors get some very valuable experience, the more senior players take the opportunity to rest their legs!


Jenny Allen


Jenny is our leading lady for All Stars, a shining light for all of our budding cricketers. Jenny has been an amazing addition to the team, full of energy and enthusiasm, her first season of  involvement in cricket was a real success! 


Olly Dimbylow


The prodigal son returned to Hendred activities last year introducing his family to the All Stars launch, becoming a volunteering parent and a key part of the team. Olly is known to throw parents in the pool and soak them with water pistols on the family fun night, so be alert! A popular figure with the children an adults alike, shout “All Stars” when you see him and he will demonstrate his “All Star” pose.


Ian Phillips

All Stars

Ian (winner of the 2019 2nd XI batting award) is a former rugby player and brings a fearless and determined competitiveness to the 2nd XI. He throws himself, literally, into the game and so it isn't unusual to see him nursing an injury -  but that never dampens his spirit! Ian has passed on his love of cricket to his daughter who thoroughly enjoys playing with the All Stars so he is a perfect volunteer.


Jamie Barton

All Stars

If there’s fun to be had Jamie will be around! Our very own Peter Pan, full of energy and mischief. Jamie is new to the activator team having volunteered to join the team following his children’s involvement last year in the All Stars sessions. He was jealous of the fun which was being had and wanted to join in and be part of the team!


Dan Atkins

All Stars

A regular player on the 2nd XI senior team, Dan takes sport VERY seriously!  He is always looking for marginal improvements - something the team could do with on occasion!  Keen to ensure a love for cricket remains in the family Dan is a volunteer for the All Stars programme which his children absolutely love.


Sam Forrest

All Stars

For the avoidance of doubt - Sam is a Kiwi - so woe betide anyone who thinks he is from anywhere else 'down under'!  A regular on the 2nd XI team Sam brings a soothing presence to fraught matches so is and ideal coach for frantic All Stars sessions!  And if anyone needs a fabulous golf partner - Sam's your man.


Ben Dickson

All Stars

An all round super star - Ben is a regular on the 2nd XI, Downs League and occasionally 1st XI teams.  He is passionate about cricket and has been a great mentor to junior players as they have progressed to playing in the senior matches.  He always has an encouraging word for them, helps them keep calm on the pitch and in his spare time has been known to sparkle like a star...