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Membership details

All members need to ensure we have accurate information so are asked to keep Spond up to date with contact details and medical details if necessary.

Membership fees 2024

Membership fees for adults are due before the 1st match of the season.  Membership fees for juniors are due by the second training session. The fees for the Club are shown below and there will be an additional transaction fee on Spond.

Adults                                                        £75.00     

Students & seniors under 18                  £37.50     (this fee is also applicable if members only play Downs League)

Juniors - 1 child                                       £50.00   

Juniors - 2 children                                 £90.00    

Juniors - 3 or more children                  £110.00    


Match fees

Adults league match                                  £12.00  

Midweek & friendlies                                    £8.00

Match fees for juniors are included in the price of the membership.

Match fees for seniors should be paid via Spond on the day of the match.

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