Andrew Francis

1st XI Captain

Andrew attended his first EWHCC game when only 3 days old.  He has been part of the EWHCC teams from the age of 8 as well as the Oxfordshire County Stream.  Now a key member of the 1st XI top scoring with the bat for the last 4 years. Andrew is now in the process of taking his level 1 & 2 coaching qualifications and will be able to pass on his passion for cricket to the U15 team he coaches.  It is largely thanks to watching the development of players like Andrew we have such a strong junior contingent. In 2021 Andrew stepped into the role of Vice Captain for the T20 games and is delighted to take on the role of Captain for 1st XI following their promotion to Division 4A of the Cherwell League.


Eddie Howard

1st XI Vice Captain

​​Eddie has been a valued member of the 1st team for the last 3 years. Having successfully captained for several years in division 1 of the OCA league, he brings a wealth of experience and calmness which will be very helpful, especially with the younger players in the team.


Andy Broadbent

1st XI Captain

As sports master at a school in Abingdon, Andy has many years of experience in keeping sports teams in line which certainly came in handy in 2021 as Vice Captain for the 2nd XI.  This season Andy takes over the helm from Liam Richards supported by Miles Martin.  Andy has always been a core member of our batting line up and holds the highest batting average for the 3 of the last 4 years. 

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Miles Martin 

2nd XI Vice Captain

Miles Martin will be the 2022 Vice Captain for the 2nd XI and although not local to East Hendred is very much at the heart of the club providing the rest of the team with much entertainment as he battles his way from London to the countryside each weekend. A true gentleman, Milo's charming demeanour belies his fierce bowling!


Dan Atkins

3rd XI Captain

Hot on the heels of Ivan and Pete, Dan puts in the the most hours for the club ensuring that the pitch is in perfect condition.  He is a keen batsman and fierce fielder, literally prepared to beak a rib to save a four, and has the most encouraging manner with the junior players who have joined the seniors in recent years.  In 2021 Dan took on the challenge of captaining the newly formed 3rd XI which proved challenging but hugely rewarding.  2022 will see Dan at the helm again, supported this year by his brother Tom. With two young sons also members of the club, thankfully Dan will be an integral part of the club for many years to come! 


Tom Atkins

3rd XI Vice-Captain

Tom's skills as wicket keeper have seen him play for all the club's teams, but many will recognise him for his fast hands at the stumps for the 2nd XI.  After a very successful batting run last season with a fabulous 50, Tom has chosen to support his brother Dan with running the 3rd XI team.  It really is a family affair with son Aflie in the team too - but Alfie is regularly pinched by the 2nd XI thanks to his fabulous bowling so they'll
have trouble holding on to him!  


Archie Napper

1xt XI - Downs League Captain

We are delighted to have Archie on board whenever he can be spared from ploughing the fields.  His dedication to cricket is such that he attends the AGM via Zoom whilst driving the plough! Not only is he a star on the pitch, it is through Archie that we have the much appreciated sponsorship of the senior teams from Q Gardens. In 2021 Archie took over the leadership of T20 team.


Jack Mulford

1st XI - Downs League Vice Captain

A familiar name and face to those who know E&WHCC, Jack has been a member of the club for any years.  Well - as Ivan's son it was never in question that he would play cricket! After a very successful 2021 captaincy of the 1st XI which saw the team promoted to Division 4, Jack has taken on the role of Vice Captain of the Downs League team.  With a busy year ahead for Jack the fast paced T20 matches will fit into his hectic schedule but he will still be a core member of the 1st XI team!

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Liam Rainbow

2nd XI - Downs League Captain

With so much enthusiasm for a 2nd Downs League team we are delighted to have Liam Rainbow take on the role of Captain for 2022.  Liam joined the club in 2021 so it is great to have some new blood taking on the captaincy.  A true club player - Liam was needed by each of the teams at different points in the  season and delighted the players and spectators with some amazing sixes!

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Robin Alner

2nd XI - Downs League Vice Captain

Like Liam, Robin is new blood to the club and has played an equally important role by making himself available to each of the teams as selected  throughout the season.  T20 is a game that undoubtedly suits Robin - he likes to hit big!  Robin is looking forward to the first season for the 2nd XI Downs League team and to the socialising and chatting post match!

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Archie Leishman

Friendlies (Sunday) Captain

Archie has been captain of the junior teams from U11 - U15 and at 16 this will be his first senior captaincy.  'Senior' being the operative word as not only is Sunday cricket a great opportunity for some of the juniors to learn the ropes in senior games, but some of our most 'senior' members of the club enjoy a Sunday game so it isn't unusual to see a team made up of players aged 13 - 80. 


Laura Jacobs

Ladies Captain