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Jamie Barton

U11s Coach

Living so close to the ground and with three young children there was no way Jamie was going to escape Hendred Cricket!  Jamie took up the role of coaching the U11s in 2023 and will continue in 2024.  Jamie has a very calm approach and he has done wonders for the U11s who have gone from strength to the strength over the last season.


Olly Dimbylow

U11s Coach

We finally enticed Olly back to Hendred cricket not only to play T20 on a Wednesday but also to coach our U11s.  A big man with a big personality Olly is a gentle giant and the children love his calm encouragement.  Olly took over the U11s with Jamie in 2023 and they will continue their partnership in 2024.


Stephen Shephard

U15s Coach

If we had to sum up Stephen 'Shep' Shephard it would be his passion and commitment to furthering the skills and ability of the Juniors.  Shep is not only a fabulous cricket player and coach but the most devoted cheerleader for the U15s.  He gives them the confidence to play in Senior teams and always backs them 100%.


Steve Barksfield

U15s Coach

Steve Barksfield is EWHCC's U15s coach. A UKCC2 ECB qualified coach which enables him to coach group sessions and have all the necessary safe guarding and welfare certification. He lives in East Hendred with his family.  His sons Reuben and Ethan have represented Oxfordshire County age group cricket each season since they were U10. Reuben & Ethan are regular 1st XI player and Ethan is also training within the Oxfordshire and Sussex development pathway. Steve has good relationships with the Oxfordshire head of cricket and coaching staff which means we can bring a great deal of their player development coaching to the club.


Ivan Mulford

U13s Coach

Everyone knows Ivan!  Not only is he East Hendred born and bred, cricket runs through his veins like blood.  Ivan has played cricket for E&WH for many many years and regularly flits between the 1st & 2nd XI.  If he's not playing, Ivan is coaching the U13s along with Pete Beckley and if he isn't doing any of those, along with his partner in crime Pete, he is maintaining E&WH's fabulous cricket ground - which was voted best OCA ground by visiting teams.


Peter Beckley

U13s Coach

Full of character, charm and enthusiasm, Peter encourages the U13s to deliver their very best.  He is often seen sporting several hats and pairs of glasses as well as holding an odd jumper or two as he umpires the U13 matches.  As a stalwart of the 2nd X1 we see a different side to Pistol Pete!  Competitive and driven he gives 100% of himself each game yet manages to continue to nurture and encourage the juniors who may be playing.  When he has a spare moment (read many, many hours) Pete works with Ivan to maintain the beautiful ground.  


Teddy Trenowden

U13s Coach

Teddy is perhaps better known for his singing performance at our 2023 junior awards....and having completed his Coaching Level x over the winter will be helping our coaching veterans Ivan and Pete with the U13s.  Teddy brings huge enthusiasm, energy and frankly the cool factor to the U13s....sorry Ivan!

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