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SPOND - is the app the club uses to communicate information about fixtures, training and of course social events.  Please ensure you have downloaded the app and if you don't receive an invite to the club's pages contact Elizabeth.  For juniors, the messages will go to the nominated guardian, but can also go to the junior if parents agree and add their mobile number.

It would be great if everyone could include a recognisable photo of themselves in Spond!


Player availability for training and matches is sought via Spond so please ensure you reply in good time.

Player availability for senior matches is coordinated by the team captains.

Weekend teams are selected by Tuesday.

Downs League (T20) teams are selected the weekend prior to the match.

Coaches try to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to play in the Junior matches and availability will be coordinated by the teams' respective coaches.



All the fixtures, training sessions, social events can also be found on Spond and include information such as pitch locations and directions.

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