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Welcome to EWHCC

East & West Hendred Cricket Club, Mill Lane, East Hendred, Oxon OX12 8JS

With the 2022 season only a few weeks away enjoy a few 2021 memories!

Ist XI 2022.jpg

As winners of Division 5C and finalists in the Telegraph Cup, 2022 will see the 1st XI playing in Division 4A so if you are interested in joining the team as they take on the challenge please contact:


Captain Andrew Francis


Vice Captain Eddie Howard

A fabulous 2021 season saw the 2nd XI promoted to division 6B and after 3 years at the helm Chair Liam Richards has handed over the reigns so if you are keen to join please contact:

Captain Andrew Broadbent


Vice Captain Miles Martin

Dan Atkins led the 3rd XI who played with determination and in a challenging Division 8 where they will remain for 2022 as they build on their first season. Always keen for new players please contact:

Captain Dan Atkins


Vice Captain Tom Atkins

A super season for the Wednesday night T20 team who were runners up in D2.  Such is the popularity we will have a second T20 team in 2022 so please contact the captains if you are interested in joining.

Captain - Archie Napper

Captain - Liam Rainbow

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