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Cricket Nets in line with ECB guidance on Covid-19

22 May 2020

Good afternoon all


I hope that you and your families are keeping safe and well during these difficult times. I have an update on the use of our facilities and of the ground which will take effect from SUNDAY 24TH MAY.


Following the moderate relaxation of lockdown rules earlier this week, two people from different households can use the cricket nets together outside, this falls under the government’s new exercise guidelines, the ECB have confirmed. 


We are pleased to have gained agreement from the sports club to follow these ECB guidelines, which outline how clubs can partially reopen in order to provide practice facilities to members.Our members will now be able to use outdoor nets and practice pitches from Sunday 24th May, although all indoor facilities will remain closed.


The guidelines state that 2 individuals from separate households may take part in the same net session, there is no limit to the number using a net should everyone participating come from the same household.


One-on-one coaching is permitted, but social distancing - keeping at least 2 metres apart at all times - must apply.


No sweat or saliva should be rubbed on the ball, and nets should be operated on an “every other” basis, meaning two adjacent lanes should never be in use at the same time.


A representative of the club should be present at the premises at all times while facilities are in use.

To make a booking

To book a net session text Elizabeth [07584303660] - who will manage 90 minute slots per pair, not per person.


The nets calendar can be found here (hopefully just a temporary measure as we get back to normal) so you can see when there is availability.  


Please book in advance and allow at least 60 minutes ahead of time to book your slot, this means that we can accommodate people safely. We have to be strict in controlling use of the nets so I need to be clear that if you don’t book you can’t use the facilities. The booking sessions will be monitored via a diary system which will be managed by Elizabeth on behalf of the club.  Please don't book double sessions, sticking to the allocated 90 minutes will allow everyone the opportunity to participate.


As part of the regulations we have introduced a sanitation procedure for the bowling machine that must be adhered to if you wish to use the equipment. All equipment for sanitisation has been provided in the home team changing room. Please follow the guidance below;


1. Wash your hands at home before coming to the club


2. When putting the bowling machine away you must spray and clean- 


  • the legs and bowling machine (especially the carry handle).

  • the bowling machine box lid, carry handles and barrow handle.

  • Bowling machine balls that you use and the ball bucket and handle.

  • Use a wipe to clean the carry handle and the electric plug on the transformer and the carry handle and plug on the extension lead (once disconnected of course).


3. Lastly if you touch the door handles to gain access to the equipment, take a wipe and wipe them down as you exit the facility and deposit the wipe in the outside bin provided .


If you have a temperature or dry cough or any COVID-19 symptoms you must self-isolate and refrain from visiting the club.


We have made a poster with comprehensive guidance, please consult this before booking and pay particular attention to the “representative of the club” part, a copy of the poster is attached.


This Sunday there will be a member of the committee present to oversee any sanitisation training, making sure that social distancing is observed and to see if our process works but if we are going to roll this out on a larger scale it needs to be manageable so as a member of the club, you will have responsibility to make sure the rules are observed.


Failure to comply with the procedure will mean that the Sports club committee will have no choice but to close the facilities. Please act within these guidelines so that we can offer you an opportunity to practice safely.


The committee will be seeking feedback and will come up with a plan to open the facilities for longer durations so that all members have the opportunity to net, but as I am sure you can imagine, this is a new process so we want to make sure we get everything back to (relative) normality as safely as possible.


I hope you view this as good news for all, i would like to thank everyone who has played a part in making this a possibility, you know who you are, your work has ranged from preparing the facilities, keeping the ground in good order to volunteering to manage the diary, without you we wouldn't be able to open the nets, so on behalf of everyone, thank you.


Stay safe everyone, enjoy the sunshine!


Love and Cricket

Liam Richards


East & West Hendred Cricket Club

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